Sunday, October 2, 2011

CD's fun Artistic copy Ninja training guide. Based on my own experience in copying... (I might color a few if i feel like it)

My own style falls somewhere in level 40-50, in the normal anime range. My copy skill is pretty high at this point if i want to spend the time for it...

How to use:
Use the chart to compare the level where you are at in terms of your own style, and your ability to copy other people's style.

+ When to move up: If you have been copying simpler style, and can do them well, move up.

+ When to move down: When you have trouble with more complex styles, try some really simple lower level ones, you might get a few lessons you have never learned before to apply to more complex styles!

+ Sharing: You are allowed to print this, to use this chart to show anyone who need to know where they are on practice level. As long as it's non-commercial.

+ Benefit of copying: It forces you to get rid of your usual habits and learn to adapt something new, and learn the observation skill of the artist at higher level than you.

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