Tuesday, September 27, 2011

erie con PA

Me, with my usual get up, and usual post. :P

My friend David, writer, author, with the strange green mask

our fun witch neighbor and their post.
A small con report.
Overall Erie con was very friendly, their staff got me a drink for free too when i asked them, we had a lot of fun selling together with other artists who never fails to keep the room loud. XD
 The down town was certainly "erie" without many cars, roads are usually empty with 1-2 cars.

I did okay there selling wise, it was a mini con of 300 after all.
If it wasn't an 8 hour drive we would probably go back again.
But the con is too small for another round of 2 days driving. We are hoping it could grow then we can consider it again.

Next con is tsubasacon, Oct 7-9, I will be sharing table with my friend Lossing Feathers and her bf David. We are officially con hopping buddies now. We will be hunting to go to the same cons to cut cost and travel the East coast cons.

And NYAF I have table B4. With modified map from Finni.


Chris said...

I'm glad you sold well at a small convention :)
And I hope you enjoy the con hopping lifestyle! :)

RErrede said...

Hey!! :D Glad to see you're still at it. <3 I'll be going, I'll try to stop by to say hi!! ^__^

Mr. Henry said...

I can't help but imagine your con hopping adventure in a sort of Bonnie & Clyde fashion(complete with tricked out 1930's getaway car). Looks like I've got something to draw! :)

Christine Y. Chong said...

oh dang, replies on my blog? XD That's rare. Thanks for the good wishes. I will try to hop as many cons as I can. :D

Mr. Henry said...

Replies here are rare? I should bug you more then! ^^