Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My long trip part 3- No Durian allowed

OMG look at that crowd at Malaysia air port!

We got to stay at Royale Bintang hotel because my parents have a friend treating us with an excellent deal, and spending in Malaysia is cheaper too. 4 star hotel! And I saw a funny sign:

No Durians allowed. LOL 
It's a serious problem there... some ppl in Malaysia love Durian. They have Durian, all you can eat, Durian cake, Durian ice cream.... If they bring Durian into the hotel, the smell can stay upto 2 weeks! 
Not that I mind the smell. (yes i finally got to eat GOOD Durian, I couldn't eat a lot because it was so rich. But I prefer the cheap ones over the expensive D101, D101 stinks with alcohol smell.) 

The food at the hotel is great too, something special about Malaysia is the different dominant cultures there, Malaysian, Muslim, Chinese, India, and English. From language, TV advertising, to clothing and food.... one can constantly get all sort of choices. That's when we realized why in my house we cook so many different dishes. It's the influence of Malaysia. :D

The wonderful old store my dad used to visit, he brought us back for a visit. More GOOD FOOD!

It felt like all we did in Malaysia was eating... lol! But the food was good. >.< I might have finally gained back my weight I lost from thesis!

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