Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My long trip part 4- The Old home

Waking up in the morning, I heard Muslim's call for prayer at 5 am, how dedicated. 

We finally saw our old house, I used to live there when I was a baby. I only have memories of the white pillars left with me, I hardly remember anything else about the house. 
My parents kept mentioning how much has changed, and how lost they are in this country now. 

Then we visited the night market area, to eat. What else? XD 
Sting Ray, I got to eat one! Buzzard food? Not so Buzzard here! It tastes pretty good, the heavy flavor of the sauce contrasting the soft and light tenderness of the fish itself... it's wings were all soft bones and they were all edible. I recommend people to try it. :D We have plenty of Sting Ray in the world. lol

And Durian, eat all you can? Only in Malaysia~!

I did not know about Muslim women's fashion sense until I got to Malaysia, and saw Muslim woman fashion magazine and all the variety of head wrap. It was interesting to see it. 

Pharmacy = Farmasi 


OH YES, Malay sweets! 

And the ugliest advertisement ever for cigarettes.
 The cigarettes company in Malaysia has to put this up on their packages. XD Oh wow.  In US, the company can probably sue government for defamation. lol

Bye~~~ Malaysia! See you next time!