Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My long trip part 2- Malaysia

A shout out to friends who live in Malaysia: SORRY I did not tell you guys I was coming to Malaysia, but its a private family trip and I rather not involve more visiting than necessary.  

After a short stay in Hong Kong, we left for Malaysia on the second day, we had to pay the penalty for rescheduling, but at least Continental paid for our hotel. XD  (1st photo is a shot at Hong Kong's lovely airport, if i have not mistaken it with other air ports... )

The funniest sign from Air Asia. In most Asian airline you have to pay for your baggages, they aren't included in the ticket price. XD

Now we fly~~~~~ ! 
I love aerial photos.

Just a shot in the cabinet, another pointless recording (hey you never know you might just need this for reference someday!)

A unique shot by my mom. Clouds parting from each other that they look like two mountains instead.

Made it to Malaysia! The air port was an open air one! In my memories, (excluding when I was a baby) I had never been to an open air air port before, so that was a surprise to me. 

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