Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My long trip Part 1- stop at hong kong

My long trip really starts at the HIC retreat, a beautiful, serene place to relax from all the craziness of life, run by a non-profit organization. With little wooden houses, nice cafe area, nice grass fields and camp site, too.

Now, 6/23, arriving at Air port, my big trip officially starts!

Then the trip starts, we flew to Hong Kong first, because the air plane delayed, we missed our connecting flight, and ended up staying in the Hong Kong hotel for a night. Its a nice hotel, I appreciate the abstract designs and colors.

Our room: 

All is great except everything cost money. Including the almost not-working expensive wi-fi. Sigh, China.
Only self-boiled water and tooth brush was free. XD
But the food, oh man, food in Asia... just wonderful.

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