Saturday, November 29, 2008

I hope he's right.

Allan Neuwirth, the author of and wrote "Making toons" came to our class on invitation a few weeks ago, (the guy who practically knows everyone in the industry, from Disney people, cartoon network, to many other TV productons...

said to me (and the class) that I will be successful because I stop at nothing.

I hope he's right, because.... I plan to make my own pilot episode from my manga once I graduate.
22 mins film, first one will be a redo of the first chapter of Edepth, I will probably do the storyboarding before i graduate,
and start searching for more actors.

second 22 mins film will be a short story extracted from 2Masters, (hopefully i can just get by with 11 mins)
third 22 min short will be based on Mystic Shenshu,
and I am planning to make my own pilot for each of them, whenever possible.
I am guessing 2-3 years each?? (without professional budget and help)
But hopefully when I finished Edepth's film, i will already have a real budget and team...
so i don't have to take 2-3 years to make another film... OTL
A production seems to manage this way:
a team of 20-40 makes one episode, for 1 year, so a team can make 3 episodes in 3 years,
then X10, 200 people working 3-4 years can make about 13 episodes, which is the usual first season of any TV shows. (of course, before that we have the screening, the testing and a lot of gates to pass)

I know there's no way one person can make a TV series on their own, so I will just make my own pilot. At least I know short film I can do. Even if no one used it, I will have no regret that I have made my own dream come true, at least bits and pieces of it.

I don't know how long they will actually take to make.... but i know crazy seniors in our school can make a 10 minute 2D film in a year or two, most of them without any help. My thesis will be around 5 min, so it's about 4 times the size of my thesis....

OK, I will attempt it. Maybe I can do it.
Post them on youtube and around the animation based community, enter them into film fest whatever....
but i really am not into so much promo work... sigh.

My current third year film is already beyond me, but i am happy with the challenge.
I am already recruiting and asking for help around town.

Gosh, I am addicted to film making. lol

來到我們課堂上的一位作家說過, 我會是個成功的人,因為我不會停止往前, 我希望他是對的...
因為我打算開始製作自己的電視卡通動畫系列. 22分鐘...是我畢業作的4倍, 現在我做的長度的10倍....
自己製作一個系列是不可能的, (會太久) 但是我至少能自己做一集樣本. 就算沒人採用也沒關係,

就做做看吧. 畢業前就開始打E-涯的第一集草稿...再來做天地和神書的,各做一集.


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