Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Have fun"

Niel talked about it in the recent comment, and mentioned while working at all these, the most important thing is to have fun.

I thought about it, here's what I think, after running a webcomic for more than 4 years non-stop, published 4 books on my own, making films for 3 years, doing 3 part time jobs, starting online studio, going to conventions and running several sites...

In the beginning, having fun is important, because from fun you build the passion, but later in development... when you have made a name for yourself, a brand of your own, jobs coming in, demands getting high, "Fun" is simply something you try to keep to keep you sane. The one thing that gets me going, is what other professionals will call "Love"

Fun is important, it gets you into the game, but when you get to do this for a living, you need more than "fun" to support your reason, you need "love."
An undying passion for what you do.

"Fun" is what makes hobbyist, "Love" is what makes great professionals.

(I say great professionals because some pro do lose the love and do it for money, but I believe deep down they still have some love to it, that's why they are still in it, if you really hate it, you would be depressed while doing it.)

If you only want to be with a person when it's fun together, that's not love. It's only child-like friendships, which is pure, but it may not always last.

But if you can tolerate the person even when they give you pain, and pull through a relationship together, that's love.

The love for the medium, the love for the expression, and the love for working with others; even when you are in a tight deadline and situation, you suddenly don't want to do anything you normally do, you hit the wall in the production, that cliff in the middle, that up hill battle, you will still keep pushing yourself forward to get over it, to deliver things on time, keep the discipline no matter what happens, that's when you become a true pro. A person other people can count on to get things done no matter how you feel. That's the discipline of love all other pros are looking for, that's what get a person out there, talent comes second.

But of course, with all that being said, I will still say "Have fun" while you are doing it. Fun keeps the fuel.


我的配音員告訴我"忙著做這些事之中,最重要的是fun (樂趣,享受玩樂)"

樂趣...是建立一個人的對作品"愛"的基礎, 先有了樂趣才有愛.
但是一旦開始正式職業式的做這種工作, 樂趣和玩樂變成是你保持自己不發瘋抓狂的工具, 但是"愛"使你一直做下去.



如果一個人只是因為好玩想和朋友再一起,那是童真,不是愛. 童真的很純潔的東西,但是不一定會長存.



愛是那個讓你在工作很忙綠,快被逼瘋的感覺下繼續進行的成分, 在你做到不想再做了,還是為逼你自己往前進的東西. 是讓你不管怎樣都能把該做的工作做完的意識和修練.
是讓別人能夠信任你會把該做的事情做好的基本. 所有的職業藝術家要提拔人才的時候,看的就是這點, 才幹還是第二.


Anonymous said...

Way to completely blow me out the water, Christine, haha.

You're absolutely right though. After a while, you have to love what you do or it's just not going to feel the same when things start to pick up and get tough.

My emphasis on "fun" was meant to be in a similar regard as to what you define as "love", but on a lower scale. I suppose that's because I'm still rising up to that mindset where my work actually is worth someone's money..and wholeheartedly believe it.

Mayshing said...

I know you have lots of love for your work too. ^_^ hee