Saturday, November 22, 2008

10 years from now

Looking at all these sites popping up trying to do business with the webcomic artists who are out there... the competition that's starting to boil warmer and warmer.

Webcomic is an industry where you can be happily updating your comic when you wanted, or be as competitive as the top 10s updating every week, some almost everyday to keep the traffic and hope to earn that bacon.

After reading
shared by on her blog, I recall just 4 years ago, I joined the race without knowing it's already started.

Now while I am concerned about keeping Edepth popular to bring home bacon, (yeah, seriously, Edepth is bringing home some bacon now) even though it's not enough to live on it, it's a start.

I can only imagine what kind of day it will be like, 10 years from now, all the webcomic artists already know each other in the top circles, from online, conventions and so on.... and each one of us become the oldie, of this emerging industry....

Still can't believe it's starting to be an industry now.... wow.

Seriously... everyone started out as hobblists, no one expected to be living on this. Now this has turned into campaigns, I have to develop marketing stragtegy, think about how to cut costs, watch stats like a stock broker, think of how to speed up the production, how to reprogram my site so i can generate more profits, on and on. It's a business now....

I am doing all these, but if I think about it, it's still quite new to me, and part of me is still in disbelief how fast all these are growing.


真的是個生意了,自己雖然在做,但是心裡還是很難相信,或是適應巴...想想...10年以後,我們這些網路上的人都會是老手了... 上半圈的還都會彼此認識...那是什麼景象阿?


今天讀到報紙上說我是屬於HEIDI族的...High Educated, Independent, Degree-carrying Individuals. 笑


DaveHan said...

now that you've brought this up, its kind of exciting to think about what web comics will grow into in the future... i had a web comic too once. but it only lasted a couple pages because I lack the discipline necessary to keep it going, haha

Anonymous said...

Hey there. It's your Jeremy here. ^_^

You're absolutely right about all of this. It's actually quite scary to consider all the possibilities of how webcomics are turning into not just a hobby, but a way to bring home income. These thoughts and more tend to discourage me from jumping in as well. You've already been doing this for years, but I doubt I would have the discipline necessary to maintain one myself. Even so, I have considered starting my own webcomic with my manga partner as the director/writer.

I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that anyone who falls into this category is to remain optimistic, disciplined, consistent, and, most importantly, have fun. I really believe that it's impossible to make it with this much competition if all one thinks about is how to make money. That is what troubles me most about what my lifestyle is becoming. As long as you're having fun and not worrying about how far behind you are, I believe it's possible to let all the business aspects of the industry become apparent on their own. Don't you think? ^_^