Sunday, September 21, 2008

One thing that drives me

There has been one kind of feedback that drives me all my life....

This probably applies only to art..... as I suck at other things:

If a third person tells me "You can't do this______" and I will be going all my way out to prove it wrong.

=_= it's sort of a strange way to inspire myself....

Of course I will learn why they say "you can't _______" (insert whatever) along the way, I will learn it, it doesn't mean I will give up easily.

So far my list of "you can't" I went up against are:

"Girls can't draw robot" - a stereotype I decided to undo in my life

"You can't use pencil with ink on manga pages" - for printing reasons, I found the balance after some trial and error.

"You shouldn't do anime while you are in US animation industry"
- I am not changing my style and the passion for my stories for this, my style is this way, my story is this way; take it or leave it, but I do plan to expand my range of styles adopted, and I have confidence in my work.

"You shouldn't have more than one main character for a story"
- only partially true, this is actually what my storyboard teacher told me, which I completely disagree.

"2D animation is dying" - blah, I love 2D, so I will die with it if I have to. I am doing my animations in 2D, 3D is a consideration though.

Of course... I still can't lift weight very well~ lol~

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