Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Geez, are American animators scared of details?

已經好幾個人,同學,老師,跟我講我的人物細節太多 (耶利米細節太多?!你還沒看到無-None哩!)

Several people have already told me my character designs are very complicated, almost too complicated for animation. (even Jeremy, geez! They haven't seen none yet!) That kind of comment starts to feel like a dumb down than a compliment.

Sometimes to my disappointment, even though some of my classmates have great characters they already made, they wouldn't animate them because it's "too complicated"

All in all, this trend of thought makes me feel: "Gosh, are you all scardy cats?! Did you grow up being scared?"

American animators pay a lot of attention to little subtle movements, it's great! But can't they tap into the details of the illustration of it too?! I have seen Jp people being able to achieve both, I don't believe our students here can't do it.

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