Friday, September 19, 2008

Talking about my friend's styles in 3 words

whould u describe my style in 3 words? o_o

mayshing- says:
just drawing wise~
soft, pure, uncertain

ohh o.o
ha ha...uncertain?

mayshing- says:
because you are always trying to find that line, that right pose
some knows their mistake, but they go ahead anyway
some are clueless
you know what's right, but you can't make up your mind how to go about it
that's what i see when i look at your drawings
you are also conversative in some way, your drawing content is not out there to challenge the world
it's just learning to be yourself.
i think that's one major scene i feel from your work.
yours is pretty much self-improvement focused

ohhh! o.o

mayshing- says:
if I am to describe Erics...
it would be variety, life, innovation.
he always aim to have variety cuz he's a designer
his work is full of all ranges of life.
and innovation because he keeps trying new things


mayshing- says:
perhaps i can make this a journal post. Make my friends feel good. ;D (or bad?)

that would be nice!

mayshing- says:
Ann's..... it would be...
determination, dark, solid
because she has to go through a lot of ups and downs for her art,
the very long period of development shows her determination, at the same time, some uncertainty, but the determination element is much stronger.
and most of her story covers the dark side of life
and her style currently, is solid, she's focused on the foundation.


Kevin's style is still growing rapidly, I prefer to see it mature first.

David Han's style is... strong, determined, (dare I say...) confident
I don't know much about David's process, but from the finished work I have seen so far, a lot of his work shows a good level of confidence in himself, confidence in his decision making, if there's uncertainty, it's only temporary.

Tikal's style is..... concern, self-satisfying, pleasing

At first I wanted to use "strong" to describe her style, but that does not fit her, she has far more range than strength or beauty.

Tikal's work content stands out strongly, a concerned citizen about her home country with a strong voice, consistently try to use her work as a tool to communicate her opinion, a self satisfying artist who does, and go about her own way to satisfy herself in her work; and in the end, still come back and try to please the viewers who look at her stuff.

Shufan's style.... beauty, pattern, admiration

Shufan's style is beautiful, bright and soft by nature, she has patience for patterns, love for complicated decorative challenges, and I somehow feel that, in her work, she's always try to catch up to something.

Nainsoo's style.... pleasing, self discovery, developing

Nainsoo's style development gives me a sense that he's trying to please a lot of people, not too much himself, it is also a road to self discovery, as he's trying to find a balance of pleasing others and himself.

Naomi's style, humble, gentle, patience (or laid back)
Her style has colors, mostly soft colors, a kind of humbleness and gentleness can be felt within her drawing, and her lines are the slow kind which require patience to complete. There's a kind of laid back quality in her work, taking a break from the world kind of feel. It's probably what she feel when she creates her work.

I will stop here with my blunt honesty. :P


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