Sunday, August 17, 2008

those little rascals

Those little rascals... I love teaching them, but they totally worn me out today.

Especially one new kid Christopher, he can't sit down for like... 10 mins, he's quite hard to deal with. He's already 4 but got the drawing ability of a 1-2 year old. @_@ He's a sports' type, I swear, I felt like this is how Randy (my character) would be in an art class, if I was his mom, I would send him to a few more sports class instead of a drawing class.

But for now, I need to make him do the best he can.... even if it's scribbles.

那些小子, 今天把我累壞了. 雖然很喜歡敎小朋友了, 但是真的很累.
尤其是那個新的小子 克雷斯福, 都4歲了, 畫圖的能力還停在1-2歲...坐不住10鐘就要跑, 勉強敎了3小時實在是太長了, 我一不注意他就惹麻煩. X_X 這小孩真的該多上幾個運動課而不是畫畫課.

至少現在他是我的學生, 儘量敎就是了....

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