Sunday, August 17, 2008

taking turns

We now need to take turns each night to help watch over my Grandma, my turn is 1-3 am on Tuesday, in case if she needs something, as she can not walk to the bathroom herself, nor stand up on her own.

That fall broke her arm, there's 3 pieces of fracture in her bones, we are waiting for a surgery, this period of time of intense caring for her will go on a while...she suffers great pain when she tries to move. It's kind of painful to see her like this, I can only imagine the great discomfort and inconvenience, and for such an independent woman, it's a tough time.

現在我們全部要輪晚班照顧婆婆, 我的時段是星期二 1-3AM. 但是最累的還是我媽他們那一代的.
她那一跤跌斷了她手, 骨頭分成3段, 現在要等動手術, 這樣要看顧她的時間可能要一陣子.
現在她無法自行走路或是上廁所, 只要移動就會想吐, 疼痛等等, 看了聽讓人心疼.

原本她是很獨立不喜歡麻煩人的, 現在這樣很痛苦吧... 我也只能想像她的感受了.

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Nik 日希 said...

I totally understand that feel; my grandpa just got out of hospital...

I wish your grand mom get well soon><

在醫院裡真的很可怕說...不過能陪在家人身邊真的很幸福XD 不像我急診的時後都只有一個人orz