Tuesday, August 19, 2008

argh... my messed up animation process

Not doing animation in the order which it should be developed has its consequences.

Edepth Opening animation was done in.... rough first without any storyboard~ I just did it with music that inspired me instead of the sound track i am going to use.

then music is composed for it while it's incomplete, the musician didn't even know what is my whole content. (I didn't even know either)

When music is near completion, more editing need to take place but we don't even have the whole storyboard to pin point where it should be changed, then I jumped right ahead to make an animatic cuz the music is near completion. XD

Whatever happened to scripting and storyboarding? *scratch that*

I totally neglected the fact if I want to work with someone else on the music.... I better have the visuals to communicate what I want. OTL Being completely uneducated about music composing process doesn't help.

I learned alot working with Katie, thanks for putting up with me, girl.

E-涯天使的開頭動畫是從我隨興要畫什麼就畫做起, 還是用非正式的音樂配畫的,
畫沒完就開始製作音樂, 但是因為storyboard都沒做出來,
音樂都快做完了, 要求更改的階段無法溝通才發現需要用storyboard來做視覺的溝通用具.
但是因為音樂都快做完了... 直接就跳到animatic. XD

啊啊~完全不知道做音樂的人的需要真是不好. OTL

這次合作學到很多, 很感謝Katie 容忍我的不全.

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