Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dan's otakon marketing research

Pieces that did well in the auction:

1. High quality print on canvas does well
2. One favorite character tend to do better than a group of characters
3. No one likes to bid for whore-like pictures
4. Most bidders are men
5. If you write on describtion saying: This is the only print that will be in this size ever- bids go higher

6. Lowest starting bid was 0, only several pieces have 30 as base bid, and one of them is an original.
7. You have to get at least 7 bids to go to mouth auction, so starting low is more profitable.
8. Artwork with flowy composition, clear strokes, great value contrast, and strong emotions do well
9. Popular characters: link, Zelda, Samus in zero suit, Final Fantasy characters, Kingdom hearts, Naruto (very high profile), Bleach

Naruto is too high profile for better profit.

Originals can do well but it needs to be extra good.

Almost all of them are framed.

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