Tuesday, August 12, 2008

otakon... and sick

I got sick over at the Otakon while working way too hard to make portraits... :/ The air con blowing on me all day and the fact my brothers were just sick a few days before me with the stomach flue problem (it's contagious) didn't help. A combination of those got me REALLY sick afterwards.

In many aspect, I wish I had skipped Otakon this year, but I am also glad I made it, with Nainsoo, Budgie and Shilin's help all together.

It's good to have friends for conventions, making it much more meaningful.

I missed the chance to meet Luciole this time... XO awww... but I did meet up with other neighboring artists, and did print trades with them, that was nice. But their prints were so nice I felt like I ripped them off. lol~ I met Na and Nicole like last year, and JC, it was a pleasant meeting.

I was really sick last night, the day after returning.... I couldn't eat any solid food, and it happens to be family reunion time, this timing couldn't be worse..... (This is the second time I fell sick at family reunion~ it sucks, majorly!) All the food and sharing I can't participate. It felt extra lonely, such loneliness makes for good scripts.

Dan was being surprisingly attentive, he understands the full affect of the flu, my dad... impatient as usual, mom nagged him for it. lol~ Though later on he apologized for it, I didn't take it personal so it was hardly an offense. (I know him well by now... @_@)

I will rest a bit more before returning to normal routine....

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