Friday, July 11, 2008


The sooner I can get to artistic task related job, the happier I will be. Kids are alright, but I don't like dealing with little kids parents, especially not Chinese parents. They just want to see a good report card, they don't care where their kids are actually at, we teachers have to put up a shiny result even if we have to lie for them.

"This is not school, but parents nursery." - My brother hit the nail home again.

I was tired, having this womanly monthly pain, and then I had to hear Sharron tell me how the parents called her up and said they liked the previous teacher better. Of course, all the new teachers ought to be picked on a little... Chinese people knew little grace, which makes the job that much more unpleasant during down time of my mood.

I want to get back to making Heart and Violet's story, and do my manga... get this weekend over with.

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Gingashi said...

it's nice to have our own thing to go back to right? It's still tough to work so hard though- since even though our own projects are fun, it's still take alot of time and effort- sometimes I just want to lay down and daydream and not strain too much. >.<