Thursday, July 10, 2008

for curiousity and fun...

I tested my characters' personality with

After testing about most of the major characters... I think i got the system figured out. lol
I got some surprises though...

Thinkers: (have the most of these, basically people who are hard to deal with)
Individual thinkers: Jeremy, Complex, Kolei, Sharon,

Dynamic thinker: Joseph (no wonder he's hard to deal with)

Groundbreaking thinker: (basically thinkers who social, doesn't like rules) Ben, Isaac,

Idealist: (all the nice guys and gals)
Harmony-seeking idealist: Faith, Iris, Lewis
Spontaneous idealist: Max

Realist: (all the nice working girls)

Social realist: Rose, Angel, Papa
Good natured realist: Mayshing Yeh (duh)

Doers: (all the action type guys and gals)

Individualistic doers: (basically action guys who doesn't talk) Heart, Chris, Mosa in 2M

Energetic Doers: Mosa, Morgan (new character, assigned to be Mosa's mom) Randy, TianSung,

Laid back doers: Elisa, Yuki, Renel

Sensitive doers: Tiana,

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