Saturday, April 19, 2008

Favorite and least favorite in animation

My least favorite part in animation process is.......................... TWEENING.
Hand done or automatic, tweening just gives me a bunch of problems, Maya gives me problem when it's automatic, same with flash and After Effects. (But I do find tweening in after effects a tag more friendly than the other two when I get used to it, thanks to toggle hold key frame)

My most favorite part in animation?

It's finishing it!! HA HA!

I finished my 2D final for this year, but my 3D really really suffered...... I will get it done, but it won't look anywhere I call presentable. T_T

Sigh. I am still a complete n00b in texturing and ncloth.... there's no way I will have the time to figure it out right now before my scene is completed, I just have to deal with it with the default hyper shade and have Jeremy look like some life-less doll for now.

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Gingashi said...

it is such a lovely piece. The imagery works really well to the music and I like the style you chose to animate in for the little Heart. I enjoyed how you waited till the end to show off Heart's golden eyes to really show the connection between the kid and grown up version of Heart. The eagle was really cool, and finally I love the scene where you make the image unravel like a cloth.

nice painterly parts- I think it's great for your first fully colored short film. Beautiful job!

I enjoyed your film and had a smile on my face, and there is no need to critique because I know you know what could be pointed out- and so much hard work went into it, it really deserves more than just a critique. When one works so hard on something, criticisms are the last thing we want to hear at times. I hope you can feel happy and proud of the piece. :)

Best wishes to you on the 3d thesis- it's hard to have two thesis running at the same time like that, but I know you can get it all completed!