Sunday, March 30, 2008

Colors from traditional media

I just found out for myself why Pixar likes using traditional media for their film color planning..... (other than their artists are awesome?) while I am making my 2 minute film. This is just a guess, but...

Colors on computer generated palette is harder to be certain whether they work on all screens in different theatres and NTCS setting, if you don't know what you are doing, you can end up picking colors that are too bright and saturated for the screen.

Projectors love to brighten up your colors.... or make it more dull more green, whatever, it never looks right, that's why NTCS is also "Never the Correct colors."
(Still remember how mad I was when I saw my pictures looking completely wrong in classroom projectors.)

But I noticed when I pick colors from regular photograph and my traditional media pieces, even my brightest colors are slightly more dull than the brightest photoshop offers.

Natural traditional media is more dull in colors (more natural) than default computer generated colors.

Picking colors from my traditionally done pieces actually saved me sometime, I spend less time worrying about my colors on screen when I have the support of traditional media.

It's not the only way to do things, but most certainly one of the good ways.

Just a thought...


Andrea Montano said...

I guess the reason why Photoshopy colors are so bright is because when a piece is printed, the colors on the printed piece are darker than the one on the screen. So, it is true- it all depends on the evil resolution of whatever computer the piece is too (I hate my laptop so much because of it, it is so deceiving!).
Still, we have the privilege to fix them and make some tweaks here and there when that happens (Thank Goodness).

DaveHan said...

nice picture :)
about colors on computer monitors... I've just had to deal with this and it was annoying as heck. While compositing my thesis, I had to make sure the colors were correct on certain monitors at school, but when I view it on my home computer, its so much brighter and desaturated... so I don't get to view it with its "true" colors on my home computer. -__-;;