Monday, April 21, 2008

god I am getting obsessive

"ARGH!!! Something is wrong again!!!!"

"What's wrong? Did you render it all separately or together? Why don't you render one section at the time?"

Dan asked lazily, almost a bit tired of me streaming in frustration.

"That white spot! It's not supposed to be there!!!"

"But! Jiiie! That's like what... 0.02 seconds!" Matt complaint about it's insignificance.

I took up the eraser tool, and good thing it was fixed easily.... OTL

But the other sequence is not so lucky.... I just wanted to add one more layer to the old composition, bad idea.... I gave up on that one.

Sometimes, I wanted to scream like this:


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DaveHan said...

i know we are in different departments, but trust me. i know how you feel, haha...

btw, yes there is a poster of my thesis on the wall, but i think it looks dark and ugly. DX
though i am grateful, i want redo it.

and finally, awesome animation! i really like the boys design and animations. the music matches with it very well, and it has a soothing quality to it. what i like most about this is that it is a finished piece (although we can always keep adding more). everything is colored, and animated which brings everything together very nicely. XD