Saturday, March 15, 2008

Arguing with Chinese people

I always felt worse when I disagree with a Chinese person's point of view, (other than my friends) as if I did something horribly wrong.

It's the same with Chinese artists, or Chinese blog writer, or Chinese critic. WHATEVER.

I always felt OK when I disagree with any English speaking persons, no matter in what issue.

I gave a thought about this...

I think I always felt worse disagreeing with a Chinese person is because.... whenever they write their point of view, there's always a sense of "I am always right"
Then any disagreement to their point of view is deemed as "you are wrong."

Whether the Chinese person is polite or not... if they are polite they will try to clarify. Like any good english speaker would. If they are not polite, they will simply say you are wrong.

Usually... They do both.

But in America, kids are taught they could speak their minds, wrong or right, so when everyone discuss about a situation, it was always put out as "in my opinion" kind of thing. The atmosphere is different in discussion because of that.

A Chinese post that tries to pretend they are democratic in expressing opinion are usually not so democratic. That has to do with how kids are brought up in a classroom. If you say something different from what your teacher says, it's bad. If you used a different way to solve your math problem, even if you get the right answer you will be marked wrong.

What the hell is with that?

Though I am not saying there isn't minds in US that would be really swelled, with big ego. I have seen some, but in my opinion, a lot of pure Chinese cultured artists, or critics, tend to all talk like "Mr. and Mrs. Know it all" in all my short impressions on interacting with them. Young people are ok, the older they are, the worse it is.

The phenomenon annoys me, it's almost a cultural thing.

I figured... that's why I have always had problems talking to pure Chinese cultured people, because of this.

One specific thing about Taiwan phenomenon annoys me, it seems to me that a lot of Taiwanese love to love Taiwan with their critical concerns.

My reaction is:

"Don't beat a drowning dog" ok?

If you think Taiwan is not doing well because of A, B, and C, and you aren't doing anything about it but talking about it (which is what a lot of people do) what good will it do?

Then you better off just not smoother Taiwan to death with your loving criticism, and just encouraging the aspiring artists instead.
Taiwan industries need help, every person who lives or lived in Taiwan can all see that. No one seem smarter trying to "analyze" the problem that's already right in front of them. Seriously.

I am getting tired of seeing blogs, forum posts, and journal postings on bashing how bad Taiwan is doing, why isn't Taiwan successful like their neighbors....

If Taiwanese really feel that much like losers, at least be good losers, other than looking at mistakes, take up what you have already and develop it. Charge forward, don't keep looking back.

Originally, I just wanted to be a mangaka in Taiwan, now I feel like I should start a publishing company instead because of all these shit going around and no one is giving enough time and attention to those who really could make a difference.

Taiwan obviously has talents, Taiwan obviously have a well diverse culture that could be used to their benefit. Even language on Mars could turn into something really entertaining if you try it. Taiwan people are creative, just that most of them could not afford to be trained professionally, someone needs to give those with dreams a chance, and let them compete with the world. I believe they CAN compete with the world if you just let them.

The Taiwan artists are some of the most modest I have seen, and boy are they scarred enough, they can't even take professional criticism to the artwork without feeling any bleeding first.

More have to believe in them, if you don't take rough crappy art and develop it, how can you get a gem out of rough stones?

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DaveHan said...

although i may not have interacted with people who so strongly believe they are always right, i can understand your feelings to a degree, because korean elders can be stubborn in that way as well. some of them just...don't listen to what you have to say sometimes. whatever you say to them doesn't enter their brain and they will continue to pound you with their "opinions", haha.