Friday, June 15, 2012

"Finish those tutorials."

"I thought you were a great teacher, what happened?"

"All kids do is take, so often without a word of thanks, after all these years, I am tired of giving for free."

"You receive popularity and fame as reward."

"That's not the kind of fame I want, I want people to look at my art, not just my tutorials. I don't make a living doing tutorials."

"You shouldn't look at yourself as poor, I think you have a lot of wealth in you, I want you to share this wealth, do it for me. I want you to finish those tutorials."

"oooookaaayyy...." (unwillingly.) 

"Kids (people) are blank sheets of paper, you have to lead by example to teach them how to be grateful for what they are receiving." 

"The true poor people are the people with wealth that they can't share with the world."

..... time to finish those animation related tutorial and manga tutorial part 2.... -_-b

"You know, compare to doing fanart, I think free tutorial is a better way to gain popularity."

"O_o that's... true. At least I am not borrowing anyone else's fame."


brushmen said...

You can also point to existing resources instead (like an old book that may exist in libraries), unless it shows something very specific that no one else touches on.

Christine Y. Chong said...

I have been using existing tutorials to help people. But animation wise, it's still very scattered resources, one really is not supposed to give it away all for free in one set because it's supposed to be expensive class material. ^^bbb