Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anime and Shintoism

Upon all these years of watching anime, since what... age 9-10?
Japanese never left Shintoism, not even when they based the whole show on Christianity and quote bible, which really kind of annoys me.... but I don't blame them.
It's hard to understand some beliefs that's completely foreign to you, unless you happen to live there for over 5 years. I wouldn't expect myself to understand other people's religions completely either.

But seriously... If I can, i want to ship those, whoever used Christianity as material to write their stories to other countries and live there for a while, and really open their eyes about HOW DIFFERENT the beliefs are between each religion, and please if you want to use Catholic, DO IT WITH a little more than "Oh Catholic is evil because they oppressed people, they think they are the only right path or etc...."

Or ship them all the DVDs and materials I can find TO THEM TRANSLATED!

OMG, get it right for once, not the quotes, not the names, JUST THE CONCEPT OF IT. D= OH PLEASE.

Maybe I should stop watching anime/manga that related to Catholicism or Christianity so i can stop getting annoyed at the end, but there are so many good stories attached to it. That would exclude too many good work I really admire.

This just sucks. -_________-

I just have to endure it.

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Mr. Henry said...

I take it you're either talking about D-Gray Man, Aoi no Exorcist, or both? Either way, lack of accuracy hurts in any theme, and sometimes it just feels off or awkward.