Monday, January 2, 2012

My source of inspiration

I was thinking to make a post on DA journal to ask everyone about their root of inspiration for their art and story.

Usually, when someone asked me what is my inspiration for art, my answer is usually simple: Life.
Or some kind of research I have done...
I wanted it to be generic on purpose, to stay away from the big story I don't usually want to spend the time to describe.

A post on someone else's poll reminded me once again what part of my inspiration I don't talk about is...

Unfortunately when I was trying to describe mine for a DA journal topic starter, *thinking it would make a good forum topic...*
My source inspiration became too dark for me to feel comfortable sharing with the public on that art gallery site, where I had 6000 followers and up, so it is moved here, where most barely visit where I may monologue for as much as I desire. It is literally like opening up a diary that's smeared and burnt I guess.

My work, like many other's... is also an outlet to something painful to me as well. It's also where I might mourn about someone's loss of life, and I make my characters suffer through it, in term, perhaps make my readers suffer.

My experience may still be limited, but I have seen quite a bit of cases in my life...
from cancer patient dying in my home, a drunkard that never got out of his addiction and died....
to a bipolar schizophrenia patient that tried to kill herself in front of us... ex prostitute whose fate I do not know now because she married the wrong guy....

These all become part of my work, because they are not people others would remember, but through a fictional story, they might be remembered.

NOTE: a good portion of these people did turn into my characters, but other than a select few, they hardly share any relations appearance wise, its usually a portion of the traits that get picked up.
I will share about that in the future.... *have to wait for them to all show up first at least lol*

Of course there are miracles (unexplained good things) as well,
kidney shut down patient urinate and discharged out of the hospital two weeks after we prayed for them,
my family found our house which we live in now over my mother's directional dream, and my own vision.
 if only that type of miracles comes whenever we wish for it.

Those memory will probably stay with me for a while.
2Masters carried most of these, it is why it's a series that will be quite dark. (with my hopes and positive experience as well of course, hence the healing power of the Yehwehs)

E-depth is an experimental project overall, but I did ask a question "What if the lovable is the unlovable, the ones who need help don't want your help?" Through out the whole series that theme is repeated over, and over, and over, from Angel to Lien, Lien to Angel, and the conflict of the family and the brothers... etc.

As for Shenshu, I did it for my grandfather, who wished one of his children will carry on the love for calligraphy, but his forceful way of training did not forge any calligrapher in the family, but all his children are calligraphy lovers. In order for his dream to continue, a manga dedicated to calligraphy is my choice of medium, in honor of his passing. Tian Sung's father, is modeled after my uncle, who is also deceased.

 It's like I am remembering the dead when I talk about this part of my inspiration. 
This is another reason why I keep the same characters in different series. They are memoirs as well to me.

The other side of life to me is the definitions to the word "God"
God is life, and life is God.

All of its ups and downs, good and evil, love and hate, peace and chaos, time, and timelessness...
That seems like a picture of a well with limitless depth, a source of inspiration one can't get enough of.

CD Diary, carry the happiest of all my inspirations...
From my family holiday gathering, to random fun, or making fun of random things... or make a commentary/fan work on a song, a character, a story... etc. Or something to help me release my seasonal frustration...or desire to get out of boredom. Occasionally, my parent's influence slip in again and it turns all "therapist" like trying to resolve someone's problem. lol

Funny how my long series carry painful stuff and all my short stories are mostly the fond memories I have. =w= ha ha ha

This... in a nutshell, is what "life" is to me, my source of inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

This was beautiful. I know that might not seem like the best word, but your inspiration is life as you said. The true mixture of good and bad that allowed to be who you are at this moment yoand u to create something gorgeous through your works that in turn touches others. Thank you very much for the good that you do.