Wednesday, January 11, 2012

idol m@ster reminded me something important...

The newest season of Idol Master anime really gave me a lesson here being an artist or running a studio.

1. Producer's role: to discover the strength of each character and find jobs suitable to them. Every member is important, even the one that's sleeping can turn out to be a sparkling gem.

2. Producer's role: need to assign jobs, and public presentation that fits the talent.

In a way, this series is an artist handling 13 characters all and all, it's not a small number to write, or to handle at any point.

I took at look at how I handled my characters, I haven't been doing that. Not even to some of my best characters, I haven't found all of the best fitting model to present them. I need to start doing that. I also haven't given them the roles they will like most of the time. I haven't explored all aspect of what they can develop into. I need to make adjustments to the way I handle them.

For a moment I did feel convicted. (think: omg I made all the producer's beginner mistakes)

"Use your lowest of low to rise to the highest of high."
I felt that in later episodes, it was moving.

Family and unity: "When everyone is standing on the stage together to put up a good show, that's when I feel most like an idol."

For some reason that line also touched me.
I handle my characters like my family too, for they are the memories of what my family is about, it is my biggest joy to bring them to the readers/audience. Even if they are fictional characters.

I am suddenly reminded this is what I need to do as an author.

Forget marketing, forget trendy appeal for a moment here...
and find what's best to sell "my idols" to the public with what's available.
Each of them will have their own uniqueness to offer to different people, and I have to find what's best for them.

I am glad I realized it now, even if this show is under attack from the game fans, it has my appreciation as an author, it has certainly touched me deeply. 

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