Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally got myself back

It's a good thing to keep wips, it tells you where you have gone wrong later in life. =P Often times overly focused on correcting a weakness blinds you from a bigger problem. I saw a lot of students having that issue, but I am not immune to it either.

After a few years of studying different digital painting techniques, and trying to find my own direction with my illustrations.... A few times I feel I have come close, but never really overcome my own wall.

Only recently.... with God's grace....
I finally figured out how to view what I like and what i don't really care about.
I am good at quick, small, emotional concept, and at the same time i do like to bring my viewers into a new world.

Out of all the great artists I have studied, only one artist I can keep going back to, that's this guy.
It's been my hope one day I can make a piece like that one he's made... He made an intimate moment, and at the same time presented a world of awe for us to see, a world full of history in every stroke. Not a small feat, this piece probably has 100 hours of work...

Lots of great artists' work either turn out kind of dull, repeating, or just look like a trend after you look at them for a while... I learned from them, but I guess I never liked them THAT much to take it all in....

Correct anatomy is important, but in a world where everyone knows their anatomy (not claiming i know it as good as they are) that becomes a basic... nothing to brag about.
Knowing how to paint well only appeals to painter... really... normal people don't give too much credit to that.

Then what makes an artist stand out from the crowd is two things, style- a certain unique way to execute your work, its better you end up stylizing twisting your anatomy anyway, and message- a moment people can relate to.

For now, I will focus on how to advance at showing my concept to its best and original form, not from the rules of others, but what's best for the piece.

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