Saturday, August 20, 2011

A leader must choose

A leader must choose not to act on insecurity - it hurts the team mates.
A leader must choose not to act on fear - it brings chaos and poor solutions 
A leader must choose to branch out- and not be satisfied with limited abilities ---- always
A leader must choose to dedicate and trust - so the team can complete the tasks most efficiently ----yep
A leader must always try to get feedback - it's tough to hear the truth and bear it, to improve performance
A leader must choose to care about teammate's well being over their own
A leader must sell, sell, sell their team's objectives and direction and get people to buy in
A leader must knock and kick doors open so others can proceed to enter 
A leader must provide for the need of the team
A leader must give credit where it's due --- done
A leader must challenge the team and push teammates further in skill level.   ---- starting
A leader must has consistency in personal expression and choice making ---- not sure....
A leader must prepare to let people go, and help them expand for their own dreams --- working on that
A leader must reward the good, and punish the bad 
A leader must be initiative, and be bold and careful about it
A leader must protect teammates when teammates come under attack
A leader needs to be well rounded --- heard about this.... but i need to know what "well rounded" mean in different situation, a person can't be best at everything.

Hight lighted areas are the areas i think i need to improve on...
Is there more?
9_9 i have a lot to level up in. Just a bit too much lol~ Oh God...HELP~~~!

Currently: Level....4 leader... I only fulfilled 4 out of my list.
Trying to level up in some of them... there's others I am completely.... sucking at right now.


Mr. Henry said...

It's a pretty intimidating list, I'll say that. It's personal opinion, but I think part of growing as a leader is making the occasional mistake here and there, even the best leader probably wouldn't be able to fulfill all of these. If you have faith in your own abilities as a leader, I believe all the other stuff will just come naturally over time.

Felt like I couldn't sleep until I got this across. I think you'll do well, it's all about how you carry yourself, 'night.

Christine Y. Chong said...

lol Henry do u have insomnia or just irregular sleeping schedule?

Mr. Henry said...

My brain likes to mess with me, lol. It's because I'm too used to working night shifts, once I'm off, I'd be awake as late as 11pm but I won't be comatose until 2am. Vampire, I guess? Got the fangs to prove it! ^^