Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If I was a publisher, this is what i would do...

Anyone is welcomed to steal this idea and use it. I don't have the power to execute it and I don't mind those who have it do it more.


Build a manga hosting site, as powerful and permissive as DA, or spider forest, or SJ
(Some publishers who need quality control can have a submission process.)
Separate into doujinshi and professional work category, with needed sub categories.

Allow anyone to post on my site, allow anyone to view it freely when they sign up, allow those experienced creators to upload their resume so I can separate them from the normal crowd and give them bigger features. Allow the artists to customize their page.
Professionals who already published or (was under my publishing) shall be paid at minimum yearly wage, all of their bonus are from the fans, if they don't make enough money or get enough fandom, they will be moved to doujinshi section.

Implement my own micro-financing system on my site similar to flattr, and let the people put in real money from their account, or paypal.

Beside every artist's work, have that flatter button automatically posted as soon as their work is up.
Get merchandise company to buy in with ready merchandising to give people a reason to sign up and spend while they read the comics. Display merchandise related to the series they are reading for the professional section, for the doujinshi section, let the artist do their own business upload their own info, any money exchange will be charged a small percentage, like 3-5%. etc.

If their work is not flattred, an ad will be displayed to make up for the traffic cost, (to members and especially non-members) if their work is flattred beyond a point where it generates significant profit, ads can be eliminated to the members viewing. This will encourage fans to flattr their work.

Link recommendation of doujinshi with titles related to the original on display, and the original to the doujinshi.

Any non-original title will need to mark where their title is from, and the flattr button generated will fund the original artist instead. Violation or false reports will be removed. But allow the doujinshi artist to sell/advertise their work in physical form.

Allow translation groups to participate in the doujinshi section, and put in ads and link to the original work. Translation group will need to mark their work as translation, and the flattr on that title will go to the artist.

Let people know the artists will get money if they flattr the artist, if they don't flattr the artist the artist can loose interest or loose their job. (works like the magazine cut system)

Subscription will work if you promise return on more than just "reading the comics" such as merchandise, signature, discount on conventions or tickets to see the artists, etc.

For the fans who spend a significant amount, they should get special reward from merchandise or the artists themselves. (such as spending over 1000 USD on the site get a sketch signature mailed to them. etc)

This can work pretty well, I would imagine.

Translation of this article welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good idea, a few knots to untangle here and there. You sure you don't want to keep it for future reference though? Ya never know 20 years down the road...

Christine Y. Chong said...

to anonymous: like i said, I don't mind this model to be used by more people, it won't hurt the industry, it's only beneficial to everyone. As for the details... those will change depending on what pool of talent the publisher attracts.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's something to think about then, it's a bit beyond my ability to use though... ^^"