Monday, June 20, 2011

Rant on studying DC/Marvel's mainstream comic style

I watched the movie Green Lantern, and thought the story/setting of the world was quite awesome, and I wanted to do something about that kind of concept and practice this "American super hero comic style" at the same time for a short.

Upon drawing my pencil and start to study the style of paneling, figure, and drawing for the comic styling, I hit upon a few things that really really make me want to rant about in this style of drawings.... especially on women figures: (Male figures are fine I don't have a problem with them)

1. WTBEEEP is with all the red thick lips and giant boobs?! They are just CREEPY after you look at it for a while! Can these men not draw a woman LIKE a REGULAR woman not a porn star?! Can you not draw a "sharp eye- I will to eat you" woman for once or a girl without boobs not looking like a boy?

You know it's extremely hard even for me, a woman artist, to draw a woman who does not look like a Bitch in this sort of style. They just have to always tilt that eye corner upward, making her look sharper, hard cut chin/lines, extra thick lips.... you know... those are actually muscular designs. O_o They make a woman look not-so-feminine, . It does not hide the fact that they can't do subtle curves/expression on a woman. A real woman in cosplay looks better than these heroines, I swear.

2. WTBBEEEEP is with the lack of expression and acting here?! I surfed through a bunch of pages and even try googling to find more, all I find is something that look like it's copied off a magazine cover girl. Only those who studied Disney style or Anime actually show some different and more elegant expression apart from: Anger, serious, flirty/sexy, superficial sadness or some advertising smile.

May I suggest that some of those illustrators can learn to animate a bit? How about study some "micro-expressions?" How about actually get up and act out the scene and say the line?

I know American artists can do expression, apparently they aren't here in this main stream comic style, the concern to be accurate with figures outweighs the actual emotionally engaging acting.

3. WHAT's with the porn star get up all over the place and all the blonds?! Please do a better job with your fashion statement.

They do their figures, buildings, illustrative composition just about perfect, (not always comic page composition, mind you;)  but body gestures, fight design, fashion design, and expressions are FAIL for me on many levels from many many series... Occasionally there's these few artists who actually have these skills.

I have just found another reason WHY I am not into this super hero genre. WTBEEP! I have thought it was just the layout/ small lettering, but nooooo~ There was more reasons for me not to like this genre on the art side. I will stick to the movies.... -_-

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