Monday, June 20, 2011

Clover con report

I did very well from my local Clover Con, (I think I probably did the best out of all the artists because I was the only one doing portraits, kids wouldn't go for portraits unless they have friends and family, but their parents always want to get one, lol... it's a cheap con so I hope everyone made profit.)

The nicest thing is that they have waiters for artists/dealers who sat at the table and couldn't move to get out to get lunch. XD Only in small cons.... that was a niiiice touch. Though I had my own lunch and drink, I bought something anyway. The downside is it was in a gym without much air con so it was hot occasionally.

I am going back to it again, it's actually the first time I had to work with clients who doesn't even know that much anime, and it was quite interesting.

One girl couldn't tell link from Zelda, and another boy doesn't even know what chobits or k-on was... All they know were Pokemon and maybe.... mario and sonic?

Normal anime prints would not have done well there unless you are pokemon, sonic, zelda, all those Video game related stuff, or if you do portraits. XD

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