Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thus the gunman is born

CD: Chris can blow up a future base with a mech but would not pick up a gun to shoot in high school.

Randy: Because Angel's going to be in the same school.

CD: In actuality... Chris is like a typical otaku who likes mech and cute little girls.... OTL Thus I needed to make another guy... in memory of the past school shooting cases in the US.

Kent (last name undecided)
Age range: 15-17
Belief: The world is full of retarded people, and there are too many humans around.

Hobby: First person shooter, horror films, secret blogging, weapons and home made bombs

Dislikes: People in general, school, sister's boyfriend, medicine, therapist, sister, mother,
popular kids, peers, animals/pets when they move around indecisively.

Does not believe in: Friendship, honesty, love, religion, humanity.

Finds humor in: people being retarded enough to get themselves killed.

Other traits: Easily triggered and angered, but he's a quiet planner and he will plan to get his revenge.

Family: Mother and an older sister who he dislikes but does not hate. (even though he's often angered and annoyed by them.)

Drug of choice: Prozac. (there's side effect but due to his quiet nature and the neglect from the family, no one took notice.)

Weapon of choice: .22 caliber pistol, and Beretta CX4 Storm' 9 mm semi-automatic rifle, pipe bomb, newspaper smoke bomb

Victim of bullying: Yes. 

CD: In short, he fits full gunman profile, he's a combination of a lot of them, and he's an angry, angry kid. Though I already developed him beyond his "angry/depressed self" slightly but I will keep those info confidential for now. ;D

Randy: But wait, isn't he always depressed and angry?

CD: 90% of the time, you know mood changes.

Randy: =_=; Did you mean... someone who's worse than Chris just joined us? AND YOU ARE KEEPING HIM! I can imagine a shoot out if he just snaps.

CD: Its fine you are all super human anime characters, u can dodge bullets. *dances CD dance*Just tackle him down if you need to.


Nainsoo said...

Actually for big school shootings, the personalities of shooters are really different -- they're usually quiet and subdued, are incredibly disturbed psychologically, and people usually have no idea that the shooter would BECOME a shooter. It's very unsettling.

Christine Y. Chong said...

true all of them are disturbed individuals, there's one thing in common however, it's in their mind they all want to "get even" or "get their revenge" with the "world," and it seems only the older ones have seriously thought of suicide, younger ones are just acting like.... teens who doesn't think of consequences, and that's the direction I have taken with the story.

Christine Y. Chong said...

and it also seems that they are all socially withdrawn and introverted. If they are any extrovert, they will get found out a lot quicker and arrested.

In truth, what i have studies so far, they all fit a certain profile type that's almost exactly like a terrorist, not too different.