Saturday, April 30, 2011

The hug torture

Today at 7:13pm, Candy wrote:

Today at 7:11pm, Chloemew wrote:
[image] *grimaces* What is it with you people and hugging me?

You looked like you needed a hug. I'm sorry.

The number of times you've been tortured is the number of hugs she's going to give you! Am I right? [image] (Read L <- R)
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LOL oh geez, that gave me a crack up. XD
I hope to see more jokes like this in the future. I noticed traffic from a board i never knew before on my site and there it is.


AmyJane said...

I loved this in the comic, and I like the little clip.. I love hugs and Angel!! <3 lol... poor guy.. lol

Candeliza said...

Wat. O________O

My friend Chloe (who is also in this thing) linked this. I, along with my other friend, are in this. O-o That's so strange.