Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Direction for my art. for the job market

Just a little mental note for myself.
I am learning about myself after adapting both cartoony, and concept art styles....
I knew I leaned toward it, but now i know for certain, after forcing myself trying out more cartoony thing things and other styles....

I learned that I prefer high realism, concept art that's super detailed, high fantasy or sci-fi for games today, or more painterly, traditional folk art style for children's book, more than American traditional cartoons. I like watching them, but I don't necessary enjoy working on them.

Saying this will certainly narrow my job prospect.
But since I am going into this field, might as well do what i prefer more,
other wise i might as well go work in super market or be an office assistant. 
I prefer having the challenge of illustrating high quality illustration.

I learned that I am naturally good at character illustration, but I hope to balance it with higher ability to illustrate environment, I also love designing high fantasy environments, making environments for people to enjoy, to play in.

I will be aiming to level up and work toward that area for my future portfolio.

I won't be attempting to do cartoons anymore, job wise. (probably go more illustrating and lay-outs, and animate just for anime style.)

My self-evaluation level on illustrating different styles: (according to my likes and dislikes in doing the style, nothing against others who do it. I like watching/reading them a lot too.)

1. Anime -
Shonen live on it, I feel pro at it, don't need to worry.
Pretty/Decorative Shoujo- probably 5 levels away due to unwillingness... (I hate decorative things...ribbons, flowers, endless patterns popping out of no where.)

2. High concept art, fantasy,
characters: medium pro level, need 1-2 more level to match the higher pros.
environment: need 5 more levels to get really good. But i think I know how to get there.

3. Cartoon style---- 20 levels away from pros... I'm simply not used to the cartoon timing, nor the line work, nor the feel. I especially can't get into the UPA style, as much as i liked its abstract quality, I also hate working on the flat looking styles. (Though i don't mind looking at them. )

4. Marvel/DC style realism comic- 5-10 levels away, probably won't have too much trouble adopting except the time spent and restriction on paneling. I just hate mostly how still they look when they should be in motion.

5. Doing 3D stuff: I can only stand it if its my own work, and if its cutting down my production time later. I prefer modeling, set design more than anything else. I hated animating in 3D.

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