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10 sure fire ways to ruin your child's future

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By some angry/frustrated Taiwan teacher.
First of all, buy the children all the best, latest, endless material, clothes, shoes and stationery, mobile computer, etc., etc., or give him a credit card, is the most effective method.

In this way, the child will take everything for granted, and if anyone did not give him what he wants is someone else's fault, and it is a serious fault! You will inevitably hear, "Why not give me money to buy the latest mobile phone? I hate you" 

Very sharp, isn't he?
If you do not so much budget execution method of the preceding paragraph, do not worry, there are many alternatives

Second, remember to let kids eat lots of snacks, ice cream is best burgers fries and other fried chicken, we must develop a child to drink pearl milk tea and other beverage habits.In this way, children can not only fat and stay, and never will be a healthy body, to ensure that there will be cardiovascular disease and joint disease.

If you can make a child before puberty is more accustomed to drinking coffee cola.

Well, you can develop addiction since childhood, while the physical training of osteoporosis.

If you do not believe that the effect of eating out, you can own cooking at home, remember to seek the most cost-effective ingredients, cook a lot of food, so that the ingredients in pesticides can do antibiotics nitrate accumulation of animal hormones in vivo in children, to ensure will be cancer or liver disease, in order to receive health insurance benefits, and can consume a large number of health care resources to pay the premiums earned back, one and two consultants, Getting the underwear.
The next method is even more low-cost, can even increase your income. Let us read on.

Third, we must remember to use the things you can not do as an intimidation. For example, "cry and I'll kill you."

Or must be self-contradictory, not to implement their own set of penalties. For example, "next time there is no written job made no allowance," but we must forget it, as usual given pocket money.This trick is used to nurture a child is not blowing you off, tell him he must west east great way, super-effective, you must try.
Another trick for an additive effect, I'll tell you.

Fourth, when the share of chores your children do not want to do s such as homework, clean up around the house, to study, be sure to use real prizes to encourage him to avoid self-motivated to do his thing.Like "If you close the room is good, we buy toys"The best way is first to test a thousand and the like, this way, as long as you do not give money do not buy gifts, he would not do anything, he will not be responsible, you will be able to worry about his life your whole life, so wonderful.

Oh yes, we must develop from the very hour to buy toys for kids with the customary cry, this is the case, you will know exactly what the child wants, as long as he cries you will know, so much smoother and more effective communication channels.

Fifth, you must clean up after your child's mess, and others tell your children that others are wrong, because your child is absolutely the best, is cleverest, and school teachers, students are always the wrong one, so children will feel that you love him .

For example, when children break the rules to be a demerit, must go to school to protest by the desk, it's best if the child is present, your daughter will think you are a hero.

For example, when a child does not hand in papers that are out, be sure to find the instructor, blaming the teacher until the teacher admit his/her own incompetence, the effect doubled in the presence of your child, so that next time he scolds at his teacher, he will not trouble you to come.
Another example is the children forget to bring school supplies / homework, no matter how busy you are you must send to help a child / children to do work to help prevent a child from being punished, but do not blame the kids who  are not ready, after all, he is a kid.

If the materials or operations for a bit of trouble, do not blame the kids who say no as soon as possible, we must blame the bad work out what the teacher deliberately look for trouble and the like.

Sixth, the kite  method, you have respect for the child to do what he wants, the more he wants to stay up late more sleep at night, sleep is not enough to go to school to continue to make sleep.

In addition to reducing child sleep time, learned to avoid the formation of memories during the day, you can ensure that the children can have a good rest during the day in class.If he feels tired because did not want to work hard, it's okay, because life will always find the exit. So in the future because he will not want to work hard to stay by your side forever. 

Seventh, more time working to make money, not spend too much time with children, as long as you buy things to comfort him just fine.

Although the child does not feel loved because you gave gifts, but he won't mind it, I believe he will not have too many opinions. Anyway, you do not accompany the child as he grow.If it is difficult to achieve, you can have more children, and some can be reached. You can either increase production to serve the country and can ensure that the children break down, and kill two birds with one stone super-smart way.

Eighth, to help children get rid of all obstacles and setbacks, so that you can successfully form a happy personality.

Give gifts to bribe teachers, New Year greeting gifts essential to help children arrange all the details and the future way out.If the poor performance of a subject, they must not let the children learn this subject, and do not demand that children work more, after all, different for each person's expertise, so that children do what they naturally like to do like, such as dancing , read comics, play cube, those can still make them successful, can't they?

Ninth, when the child's best friend, to discuss all things related to him, all to give, not blame, it will not hamper the parent-child relationship.Give him money to buy something, so he can go to a concert, you went to help him line up for tickets. He was skipping classes and you have to cover for him, so kids will love you, will not grow up blind obedience to authority. When you hope she does not marry with the wanted man, not do drugs, do not drag racing, the children to learn as long as he insists, you will respect the concessions. Challenges of the future office can boss from time to time, to defend their dignity.

Tenth, to lead your child with loopholes, with advantage, only for his own plan. For example, if the requirement to wear helmets, must find ways to find out without actually wearing the method without penalty, so in the future if he had a car accident, skull fracture definitely, just for you to make claims to turn to your friends.  

Be sure to tell a child, when the police is present he has to respect the police and the regulations, when the police is not present, he can just respect himself. 
so no police and camera recording ban, the children will not follow that silly red light, if the other phase have a car to pass through, it will not hit your son or daughter.

This future, you politely ask him if he wanted to help out the money to buy a house, he will not live up to your hopes, you will paid in full.I believe that from an early age to take advantage of loopholes and the ability to not worry about the future he will forget loopholes will want you to eat a variety of methods will wipe dry and no support to you.

To uphold a conviction, the school teacher daughter to take full responsibility for your son, after all, education is the education of the school, parents are totally not responsible.  

When the teacher to advise you, be sure to argue back, because you know the best of your child, your quality control so well, can not give birth to children lying stealing beat, other students must be lying rogue, or else is in bad with bad, but people who teach the students in the school should bear the greatest responsibility.  

The implementation of moral education is the school project, so if your child has occupied love seat, stole money, compensated dating to purchase brand-name bags, all kinds of bullying,  undress in public places, spitting wiping booger, stuffed in garbage others lockers...... so on and so on motorcycles, you can just draw with the responsibility of cross-truth, and that is...

"What happened to our education system!!!"
Just 6 words, the report is completed.


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oh! what a good thought.

I read the Chinese version article about this 10 crazy methods, really great inputs.

Thank you.

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I am having a difficult time comprehending this article, and had to cross-reference A LOT during my reading. Perhaps you should consider revising it. I find this embarrassing to read.