Sunday, March 20, 2011

wow really?

Do Elite Private colleges discriminate against asians?

Asian American and American politics: From discrimination to participation

interesting article.

Asian American don't know what to do with Racial discrimination 

Asian-Americans And Careers in Federal Government

As an Eastern asian, i do feel we are always viewed as aliens here in US, no matter what we try to do, even if others don't intentionally exclude us, we do need to go that extra mile to be included.

Asians are generally a quiet bunch who don't like to cause troubles... but after knowing some of the things in these articles, i think asians could have been even more successful if given the same chance as other races.

 In another word, we have been politic pussies around other races, dare I say African Amercian got much more rights given to them, higher hiring rate (even better than whites?) because they fought for themselves. (despite that they still have to deal with negative stereotypes, we all have our own stereotypes assigned to us anyhow...)

In the multi-racial world, it is more complicated because we can be defined by our backgrounds, our looks, and our accents. 

In this world, it's those who cry the loudest who got the most, Asians just happen to be too quiet, aren't we?

Even with that said, I still don't like the idea of being loud.

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Triscet said...

I'm a loud person when I need to be... Honestly sometimes being too loud makes people prideful when they shouldn't be... There are cultures that respect and are jealous of the Asian way of life and then there are others who feel offended and threatened. I really wouldn't worry about it too much.

I lived in the Philippines for quite a while and being Chinese/American made me feel more discriminated against than here in the states. People there said I was being too blunt with my honesty... I would usually respond by saying, "I'd be welcome to say things nicer if you could somehow give me an example." They usually couldn't give me one... and i realized that no matter where I was, people had some kind of emotional or personal attachment to their way of life and always defended it.

Asian culture has come a long way with their pride, dignity and forms of respect. We were used as slaves and treated poorly as well but we endured it our own way that showed where we were superior. Other cultures don't like that about us, it makes us seem... cocky? Watching the events in Japan and seeing how unified people can be with our sense of discipline has always been something that has made me proud... If only the world itself was some kind of unified community.

All cultures have this, but honestly what makes this world rotten is all the excuses and shortcuts we try to make for ourselves. MLK Jr. started a great movement and people today use that as a crutch instead of building on their own skills and abilities. All races in some way do this... It's just how the world is... If we were race-less we'd find some other ways to group up for power like unions =P.

Looking back at schooling, some people would say how much they can't do math and give up... I understand there are some limitations but unless someone is physically or mentally disabled, i feel like they overestimate their worth. It's so easy to demand and shout for more more more... I'd like to see all those people who are asking for more actually do something where they were in a position to give... BLAH i'm ranting so i'll make this last part as quick as I can... Instead of begging for benefits and work and jobs... there are people out there who had the guts to go out there and create work and provide jobs. Those people take a huge risk, still provide benefits, insurance, deal with payroll, deal with company paperwork, while the laborer say give me more money OMG i tripped on a loose computer cable and sue's the hand that feeds them...

Some people just have no shame... I think it's not that asian people don't have a voice but we still have a sense of shame. Women used to have that sense of shame when they didn't like to be called sluts and other profane words. Shameless, selfish and proud of it screaming on top of a pole naked and with low scores at school... I can't see myself being that way... I like having something to back up my words.