Monday, March 21, 2011

Recruiting for Sky publishing


Palace in the Sky Publishing is one of the largest comic associations on the web. We recently launched a new anthology updated daily with new pages from over 20 popular member webcomics.

We would like to invite your comic to join us. There is no cost involved. In exchange for your site running one of our ad spaces, we will re-publish an excerpt from your comic (18-24 pages) on our anthology and provide our readers with both banner and text links back to your site. (We ask for no rights to your work of any kind: Only permission to re-publish)

The Palace in the Sky Webcomic Anthology is heavily advertised and promoted. Some of our member comics get more than 500 free unique visits a month from their anthology pages.

Please reply as soon as possible if this would be of interest. Thanks!
Your section of the list is  114-143- take a look at those comics and email any that seem to fit the bill and haven't been in the network before.

If interested, contact:

Comics are eligible if they are G-rated to sort-of R. Here are the kinds of comics that are not eligible:

1. ANY comic that used to be a member and is currently NOT on the Anthology
2. Four-panels of the same art ending with someone yelling "fuck!"
3. Sex-crazed furries
4. Profane stream-of-consciousness
5. Nudity
6. Gratuitous random use of crude language ("look! tits!") for no apparent reason in an otherwise well-presented comic
7. Trademarked characters belonging to someone else
8. Primadonna artist bullshit, e.g. "I'm booked for commissions until the glaciers recede but if you MUST e-mail..."
9. Comics with less than 24 pages and or less than 100 pageviews a day.

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