Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A mary-sue test

For writers who might be interested.

Certainly not a perfect test, but it helps to evaluate your own work, and see the common trend the designer pointed out in stories.  Many of the questions I felt pointed more at the error or flaws of world structures rather than character itself.

Many Mary-sue are popular characters, so i don't think it's a bad thing to be related to it, but one most certainly should aim higher than that. 

I had to make some choices because my characters live in more than one universe...
I chose to run the first test with Jeremy in 2Masters setting, my point range was 9-31. lol

Depending whether i am only filling out for original fiction only, or more than 2 sections. (why is the original fiction question basically read like questions from Love Hina? Does this test not differentiate genre of anime stories vs actual character building and story telling? And what's with the massive Twilight zone questions? XD)  

I am never really into making my characters "special," nor "heroic,"  I happily accept their selfishness, cheesiness, and mary-sueness in every story.

It was a good test to learn from. I never knew what was Barbe doll, nor rebellious princess.

Actually, this one test is much better:

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