Friday, October 22, 2010

Shenshu first chapter getting finalized

Today I went on a weird mood in the evening, and went to Shenshu instead of my other series.
To motivate myself through a whole project, I always start with my favorite part, once finished the favorite spot, I have encouraged myself to keep going to see it completed.

I think I finally got to the point where I am comfortable with this style of inking and know how to handle the material at their best. I will proceed to finalize the first chapter slowly. (Now I have 3 piles of manga on my table, ah, my ever shrinking drawing desk space...)

Doing traditional chinese watercolor plus manga is really really tricky. Normal manga method just doesn't do it. Different layers and papers were used for one single composition like an illustration and animation.
And the hand made Calligraphy brush from Taiwan is plain awesomeness. So glad I bought it.

I can only imagine if I am to express the same quality in animation, how much work would it be...

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