Friday, October 22, 2010

E-Depth pitch project going

 stuck on how to shade this thing, i will figure it out.
Hm, in order to achieve the beautiful look of a typical anime, (even a typical one has a very high caliber lately)  the use of 2D plus 3D has to be very smart, the recent anime, though having a 3D back up, they often still animate their mechs by hand. (their animator's iron will to make it look more lively.) 

We obviously need the 3D to keep the model in tact, but how much of animation will be3D is still to be decided for me. The most likely is to have 3D animated and rendered then we go over it with 2D animation.

The sound aspect.... =___________________=
the drag due to everyone's busy schedule, the higher standard, the KOs of the lack of quality in recording previously approved is giving me a long face. But it's a pain necessary for me and the crew to go through to get pro work done.
All thanks to Greg who has been very patient in not just examining everything, but also explaining every choice and suggestions he has to the sound. I'm learning A LOT.

I still plan to keep using online voice actors, except the voice actors I choose from now on also need to be very good sound mixers of their own right, because I can't take anything sub-par to a studio recording.

I just want to get it over with at this point.
I will be getting myself a studio headphone just so i can listen to the auditions and KO people myself. lol

(might as well get the second short in there while we are dragging on this one.)

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