Sunday, October 31, 2010

Meeting the like-minded people at manganext

My panels got crowd-less time slot (start and end time slot lol) so i had barely 10 people, with some nodding off to sleep at our voices (sad) but one took a lot of notes! Dirk from joins me.

Manganext this year is really nice, Manganext has been nice traditionally. When the crowd is smaller, it's usually good buy rate. (not that i sold anything, but i bought stuff and got to talk to people)

The selection of the artists are good this year, i like how they screened for quality production, I saw a lot of good products, and a detailed instruction on how to pick up my badges for the panel and etc, usually I don't get that. Good job Manganext team!

I didn't have a table so i got to talk to more artists, it was very fun meeting with great guys like Dirk from, a freelancer turn full time comic artist by his own hard work and planning, a very open person, shared a lot of great great tips with me on book printing and joint me on my panel as well to share our happiness, and bitterness in the industry.Thank you! (and he does his comic with a lot of heart, a lot)

 Michael S Bracco the creator of novo, who holds a breaking record of doing 50 shows a year! Anywhere from crafts shows, jewelry shows, book club signing, Barnes and noble events.... omg, that's an average of a show a week! (with 10 weeks break) *bows, master sales man!*
Left to right: Michael Bracco, Rosscott, Dirk

These artists are all making a living out of this indy style retail, it's very encouraging. I also talked to the manager, Yiheng Zhao, of a super china anime club (100 strong in professional artists and amateur alike. My work is child's play in their level. T_T )  It's really good to hear her rant about how hard it is to do business in China.

the art book i bought from chinanime, the artist's really... good. *stares and study....*

 And the webcomic artists from who started a convention on their own, serving all webcomic, indy artists, the intervention con.

What's nice about intervention con is that they film all of the panels of sharing and put them online for people, and they put links, promotion on their site as well for their guests. They focus more on the indy, discourage fanart, but are open to all people of all styles, as long as it's original. They have a selection process that screens for people who have good products for the artists alley, not just first come first serve.

It looks like a great con with a lot of potential of growth, it's located in DC, the creators are really cool, visionary people.

After this... I realize something about myself more clearly:
I wish I could be content with working under someone else, in a way, that's an easier life at times, but I am finding I am an entrepreneur at heart,  I rather face the challenge of making my own work get out there, I rather hit my own wall than someone else's wall. I rather tank with my own ideas than someone else's idea. When I meet others with the same heart, it makes me happy, excited, and feel fortunate. "This is the way I want to live" will come to my mind.

(linked image from DA: )

Right now, a bit of money from the production fund can help me to make some products, and selling them might help to generate more funds... it's another way to roll on the money if I am going to do it.

I currently need to research into whether or not I should apply for a business identity, but I absolutely want my ISBNs for the next bunch of books. In order to enter amazon, and a wider range of distribution.

I also decided my manga will be printed in Taiwan, lovely Taiwan, please take my money. XD I love you. <3
Like... WTH, proof is FREE?! The price is 1/3 of the printing here? Looking more than 3 times prettier?
What's with this superb customer service? XD
Where am I going to find that in USA, Canada? Are you kidding me?!

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Onezumi said...

Hey it was really great to meet you at Manganext! Thanks so much for mentioning us! Hope to see you again soon!!!! :D We went and got Amazon checkout like you suggested. :)