Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Onemanga comment

Ooops, when did they changed reply mode? O_o On my own thread at Onemanga?
Did I do something wrong? I wonder.

OK I am moving my reply here just in case.

I am serious about not taking more freelance jobs even if the money is good, if it can not offer me job securities, then it's not really in my interest to take more than I can bear. On that note, I'm not lying about "Even if you give me money, I will not do it."

And even if the money is good, if it's a short term, I might have to consider how much time I actually have to do it. I might very well pass it to someone else I know who can handle it.
I have done it before.
That's how one works in this business, you don't say no to customers knocking your door, more for the sake of others than yourself, I might be involved in cases I pick up, but may very well not be the one doing it at this point in time with my life.

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