Friday, August 27, 2010

the inspiring 2nd day

The most awe inspiring story has to come from "Facing the Giants" and "Fire Proof" told by Dave Nixon, a man who has rolled himself into the film industry for 30 years.

Both Facing the Giants and Fire Roof are done as church funded projects, and become successful films after "Passion" was released. Just hearing the story of how a church (roughly the size of a little town) will gather up under one single will "To make a story that will touch the lives of people" ... all 450 plus volunteers, under the direction of 5 industry professionals, turn into a whole film crew and made 2 successful films that got picked up by Sony, a mainstream distributor and do so well nationally and internationally is just mind-blowing to me. Now they are making their third and forth film.

Now that little church in Albany Georgia is making a new feature film every 3 years, and started a whole industry of towns people cottage production.

They made films based on real people in their little town, on real locations, borrowing people's houses, local policemen, fire trucks, local fire departments, local high school, football teams... local film equipments, with church donation as fundings... any revenue made goes back to the community as donation and services to make the community a better place to live. No one is getting rich out of this, everyone just aimed to give and wanted to do something meaningful together. (under the condition that they can't do it as often as the pros who are getting paid.)

This is normal people making exceptional films for normal people and touching the hearts of everyday lives.

Wow... Just wow.

Can this be repeated? I sure hope it can, it might not just change Hollywood, it will change the nation, it really can change the world. No kidding.

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