Friday, August 27, 2010

In Arizona

 A photo taken on the drive to Phoenix college town, it shows the Camel mountain,
that's shaped like a Camel and it's back. (head on the left, back on the right)

First day was a day of travel, exhaustion, plus that timely woman cycle.... geerrr... Guys are lucky that they don't have to deal with that. T_T

I end up laying in hotel bed watching movies instead of going to the festivals, overspent on my dinner because i was too hungry to pay closer attention to the happy hour menu. T_T

But the Japanese restaurant "Kan pei" (meaning "Cheers" before drinking) is quite nice. A new place at the college town. We ate at the sushi bar and the chiefs made effort to chat with us as little, though I wasn't much in the mood to talk. (too hungry/dizzy) I made so many stupid mistakes there it's embarrassing. XD

Like I almost ate sushi with a fork, forgot to put my napkin away before I stood up and walk, didn't know what to do with a hundred dollar bill and insisted on paying at the counter, overspent on my budget for the first dinner.... T_T

AZ is expensive compare to NJ, that surprised me, aw come on you are almost mid-west! South Mid-west is supposed to be cheaper! It's like California and worse, it charges 2% tax on food itself! 9% tax on everything else!

Arrrrgh, what can one expect in a Dessert. T.T

I better watch my budget in the next two days, this leaves my budget at 10 dollar per meal.

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