Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I want to say about my style

I should make a statement about my personal style, why I chose to harm myself to keep it the same way, while some of my friends have changed their directions.

Open to change: I am open to adapt other people's style, I love drawing different styles and I have done studies of over 100 styles so far. I think every style is as legit as one another.

If I want to say something to this world, perhaps I will include all sorts of styles into my work as long as they fit the theme.

Disclaimer: I like Japanese animation style and took from them just as much as I took from American, European, and Chinese. I intend to work at the place, and country that helped me develop my skill to where I am right now. In USA, and in NYC.

Source: I grow up with Japanese styles back in Taiwan, it is a legit influence in my work, there's nothing wrong with taking those variety of styles into my work. I have chosen not to deny their influence by changing it to please the old pros who rather see old cartoons in my area.

Every period will have that "certain style" that influence everyone, it's going to be that way. It was Disney, it was Marvel, now it's Japanese anime, miyazaki....

When it all comes down to it, everyone's preference is just "what they grow up with" therefore my preference is just as legit, and I wish some don't judge me with: the style is "less developed" because it's "anime-ish"

And one thing about me: I don't care whether my work is original or not. I just care about whether it's processed enough from the source.

I just chose not to bother, and chose to tell stories I think is worth telling. If it hits with the audience, great. If it doesn't, it doesn't.

I know i am here in USA, I should adapt to the way things are done here, there's the "US" pride in their styles of cartoon, animation I must adapt.

However, when it comes to my work, I am going to do it the way I like it, the way it will be. If it pleases a certain audience and not the other, that's the way it will be.

I am not forcing my personal style to change after 20+ years of developing it, I will develop it from the way it is and move it along.

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