Friday, May 7, 2010

Screen writers' bible

I showed Mario my thesis, and asked for advice, to my surprise, he told me to practice more on directing than animation. lol~

So here's a book he recommended, the screen writer's bible!

"Story" by Robert Mckee

If anyone wants to become directors someday, get it and read it. I just bought it off amazon. :P

And the other one was learn more about lighting, aye aye, sir. XD
(What do I do on lighting??? OTL google time....)

Gosh i will have a lot to learn...

I just spent the whole day studying camera movements and painting.

And Mario's wife really wants me to become a "female animation director" XD
She's like: "Become a director, Please."

Aye aye ma'am! I will try my best! >.< (I'm already directing but yeah~ I will keep doing it until it rolls bigger, and bigger, and bigger.)

I acknowledge my anime influence, and I don't want to deny my source, I know my voice will evolve with all the things and variety I like, and I would let it evolve as a gradual process.

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Brian "Beard" said...

I think i'm going to have to pick this one up, thanks Christine!