Wednesday, April 28, 2010

W00t the horror

Maya 3 and 4 outcome... it's more like Maya 3 outcome. Since I didn't do anywork at all in Maya 4. I had.... 1 day, to put this together. There's nothing about it that I am happy with, but I am glad I went through the whole process now I know how to roughly put together a reel, film or something from Maya.

It's a third year class for Computer art people, but my outcome is like... a second year computer art student? If people have something to show from the second year at all.

Good for a laugh, and show how novice I am about Maya. :)

From these 4 classes, and 1 that I dropped (wish I didn't) I learned what I like and what I don't like in Maya.

I absolutely HATE animating in Maya, even if I got good at it, it will be a painful job to me, i think I rather not bother anymore.
I hate how the FK never works the way anatomy should work in typical rigging, it just doesn't make any sense to me how I have to pose and move the digital doll in the computer, absolutely painful.

I love playing with the 3D camera, that might be my favorite thing to do in 3D. (cuz you can't do it with 2D)

I am ok with modeling but I am not great at it, I give myself a C right now, because my model just doesn't look the way I want it, I need much longer to get good at it.

No, I'm not a rigger, not at all, but I can handle limited basics like setting up joints, IK handles, constraints.

I'm ok with textureing but UVing... pain in the butt.

I rather composite in AE.... OTL

I am so glad I stayed in 2D, a 3D thesis sounds completely painful to me.

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Squirrel said...

You know more than I do, I forgot so much in the year its been since I took Maya with Eiser. I plan to start training in it again this summer tho without fail.

It's completely opposite for me btw, I love animating in Maya and hate everything else from modeling to rigging. Although I will agree the camera is probably the sweetest thing about the process. I fell in love with the AE 3D camera and this is that concept but to the extreme.

Keep at it, your off to a good start!