Sunday, April 25, 2010

Due date rush

OMG..... This is how it feels like, and this is how I feel like right now:

Gundam Sousei couldn't put it better. This is the stress against deadline. Literally pouring one's health onto the screen.

Though I am done with my thesis overall, my classmates aren't. I'm trying to help my classmates right now and almost everyone has gone without sleep for days. I can't do that, I don't have the stamina, I have already pushed beyond my health limit and is getting kick back on that. I lost my voice starting Friday, now I am a mute. lol~ Feeling fever in my head but I have to sort out my sound problem I have to go to school tomorrow.
I will probably stay up the night for my classmate to hopefully see him finish coloring.


Though strangely satisfying and frustrating, I hope we can look back to it as a fond memory years later.

But I hope we can all finish together! >_< HURRRRRRAAAAAHHHHHHH

Edit: I helped 5 students, and not just 1 scenes each.

Derek, inked, colored, more than 20 shots total (didn't count) Recruited 2 people for him.
Mallory, tweened 3 shots?
Jackie, 1 scene, 20+ second scene.
Maria, tweened, cleaned, colored 2-3 shots
Jennifer, colored 4 scenes, recrewed 4 people for her coloring.

I hope that's a record?
because I got myself sick doing this. >_< (though I have recovered, i think)

Those who are helping me to help others are all the same girls... they deserve big hugs and big lunches. (except they all live very far away from me. ^_^b)

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