Sunday, April 11, 2010

Self note to improving the next film

1. Everything must be perfect drawings. No excuses.

2. Must be perfectly inked. No more letting myself go easy.

3. Must be properly tweened. Minimize the lack of tweening, and be more constructive.

4. 2 shade per character as standard instead of 1. (because the japanese use that as standard for most anime.... T_T) 3 shade on close ups.

5. Every shot must look like a finished illustration.

6. Need to put the film together looking a lot more finished than my thesis, time is no longer a concern so i can take my time on it.

Marketing goal is 2 years, 2012, production goal is 3 years.... to make everything perfect and stand the test of the market.

I am not making another film that's one step lower than market productions, even if my condition is not as favorable as studios that have all the most skillful artists. And least it has to fool me.

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